Tolerance Web Feature: Interracial Marriages on Rise

An article at indicates a recent Pew forum poll shows race matters less and less these days when considering marriage choices.

This is certainly a positive sign in our world.  Interracial marriage tolerance may be one good indicator that we are on our way to changing minds and hearts when it comes to people of different backgrounds than ourselves.

But what about religion?  That still seems to be a sticky topic when it comes to couples.  If we are worrying less and less about ethnicity or race when it comes to marriage, are we still tied to ideas of religion?

With the state of the world right now, I encourage any and all conversations on these topics.  If politics can’t solve our problems from the level of government, then I feel it is in the hands of people to say, “I know my mind.  I know I am accepting…and I will say this loud and proud!”  In other words, even if countries don’t get along, people can.  I think we forget that sometimes.

Luckily the CNN article and the Pew Forum indicate that we might be remembering.


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