Lakers – Celtics: Do We Care?

So, the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics squared up for a “storied” match-up last night.

102-89 Lakers.

If you are from Boston or Los Angeles, I imagine this match-up is pretty great for you.  Hey, you’re just happy your team is there.  The Suns almost downed the Lakers and the Magic came storming back against the Celtics in their respective conference playoffs.

But for the rest of us?

Maybe there are sports writers out there who are really happy about this.  They sit around all day thinking of the “dream” finals, wondering if Kobe is better than Jordan, or if Magic Johnson really was the greatest of all time.  They watch, riveted, to witness an historical match before it falls into obscurity.

As for me?  I like basketball.  A lot.  I watch a lot of games during the regular season.  But you know?  I just can’t get excited over this.  Kobe is…Kobe…and the Celtics often look older than they are.  It doesn’t thrill me.

Sports is often riddled in controversy – from bad calls to bad off-court decisions.  The players receive crazy sums and the fans pay crazy prices.  There is entertainment value, sure, but I find these days I root locally and only cast a semi-interested ear to these NBA playoffs.

And, I use my remote.  I wonder if there’s anything storied on Discovery Channel tonight.


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