Web Feature: BP CEO Tony Hayward Tells Us He Wants His Life Back

A Youtube video shows BP CEO Tony Hayward, the man behind the company behind the largest oil spill in U.S. history, saying, “I’d like my life back.”

He later apologized over outrage concerning his statement.  Lives have been lost.  Livelihoods have been lost.  Maybe it was just a careless slip of the tongue, but when the magnitude of disaster is great, the responsibility for tact is greater.  The spotlight demands it, and unfortunately, Tony failed.

He may say, “I’m a human being.  I want things to go back to normal just like everyone else does!”

Yes, Tony.  I can understand that.  I can.  However, one can only imagine what the businesspeople, families…and fish…in the Gulf will be saying years from now, long after your life is “back.”

*Read my article about Delta Airlines, another corporate giant, going green.


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