Arizona Immigration Law 1070 – Good For “U.S.”?

Arizona Immigration Law 1070 has created a tremendous amount of controversy.

My most recent Associated Content article talks about a new poll from Quinnipiac University that shows many Americans support Arizona’s law and would like to see a similar law in their own states – even though many respondents in the poll also stated that they have fears of discrimination against Hispanics.

What do you think?  Are blanket “tougher” regulations the answer or is something else needed?  Guest worker status?  Amnesty?

Where we stand on the issue sees to depend on age and race.  According to the poll:  “White voters back the idea 53 – 32 percent, while black voters oppose it 43 – 26 percent and Hispanic voters oppose it 52 – 37 percent.”

This is a divisive issue.  Is it about tolerance or law?


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