Michelle Bombshell McGee’s Horrifying Example…

I just posted an article about the latest on Michelle Bombshell McGee.  Click here to view.

She insists she is not a racist because she has anti-Semitic views, and appears completely fine with idea of promoting a pro-adultery website to, as she says, provide for her children.

My article asks that question: Does intolerance become okay when used to provide?  As a secondary question, we might ask if intolerance masquerading as news opinion is also justified?

We all self-promote.  That is the nature of dating, business, and generally making friends and being human.  But when does it go too far?

This Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, Bombshell McGee triangle is doing wonders for their careers.  But at what price?


2 responses to “Michelle Bombshell McGee’s Horrifying Example…

  1. Why is everyone giving her what she wants. She is a two-bit whore looking for fame! She is not however 24 yrs. old (try 31), nor does she have a college degree (B.A., masters or other!!) Doesn’t anyone check things out anymore?!

    • @BETTY: Thank you for the comment. I appreciate your frustration, although I don’t quite understand the last part. Where did I mention her age or her educational status?

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